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According to Matsui Rena, Kinoshita is the fashion leader in SKE48. “First of all, Yukko has good features. (t/n: as in her facial features) Today, she also wear short pants, and a very high heels. When we reached Tokyo station, I don’t think that she looks like Nagoya-jin at all. Instead, she looks like a celeb.” (t/n: Probably what Rena means Yukko fashion sense unlike a typical Nagoya-jin outfit, and makes her blend well among the people from Tokyo, no one will think that she is from Nagoya.) 

When Kinoshita appear on the stage, everyone is screaming at her and says she is cute, especially among the girls/ladies.

Kinoshita, who is a regular reader of ViVi fashion magazines and loves Fujii Lena very much said that she is very happy because she gets to appear on the same stage with the model that she admire. (t/n: Fujii Lena is a regular top print model for ViVi fashion magazines.)

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flexible miyuki (。・ω・。)

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lagu yg menginspirasi :D

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Milky’s new unit Dakishimeraretara..I’m happy she got this song..My fav song from the stage..

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I think I’m a little late boarding the campaign train, but I think this cutie deserves to rank this year! I only really started to get to know Yukko (and SKE in general, actually) in the later half of 2013, but from what I’ve seen so far, this girl is beautiful and talented and I would love to see her earn her very first spot on this year’s sousenkyo charts.

I owe it to my friend Kat (wilay14)​ for exposing me to this girl in the first place. She’s got a donation thing going on right now for all of you who may be even the slightest bit interested in helping Yukko take the top! For more details, check it out [ here ]

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